Disney Princess Inspired Tiaras II (other tiaras here)
The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, & Beauty and the Beast

Tokyo DisneySea (photo credits are captioned)


Mary Poppins (1964)

Disney Villain Vocabulary

  1. Cruella: mongrels, scarcely, imbeciles, wretched, dreadful
  2. Frollo: sanctuary, forbid, defy, insolence, gallant, caliber, sear, cunning, insubordination, plunge, smolders, traitors, abyss, recant, jeer, scorn, calumny, consternation
  3. Dr. Facilier: wager, dispose, wayward, derogate, deride, reformation, transmogrification, conjure, talisman
  4. Evil Queen: secluded, raiment, peddler, shroud, hag, cackle, congeal
  5. Gaston: rustic, strapping, lunatic, raving, specimen, expectorating, barge
  6. Gothel: demented, naïve, deceive, ruffians, trampled, gullible, grubby
  7. Hades: sentimental, moussaka, mosaic, maim, charitably, bestowed, queasy, deluded, crucial, cosmos, squalid, blaze
  8. Jafar: ecstatic, abject, adequate, terminal, assets, venue, beheaded, merit, addlepated, exceed, intercede, behalf
  9. Maleficent: assemblage, gentry, quaint, rabble, melancholy, repose, steadfast, valiant, imbeciles
  10. Prince John: poppycock, rubbish, seize, aggravating, asp, gallows, reluctant, elusive, corpulent, cleric, insolent, blackguard, sniveling
  11. Queen of Hearts: taint, vulgar, verdict
  12. Ratcliffe: insolent, unearth, mere, trinkets, ninnies, treason, slipshod, wallowing, shirking, crick
  13. Scar: retention, sordid, quid pro quo, coup, tenacity, meticulous, murkiest, undisputed
  14. Shere Khan: confound, detaining, precisely, inform, rendezvous
  15. Ursula: lurk, trifle, prattle, dote


James Norrington requested by anonymous

I intend to see that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves: a short drop and a sudden stop. 

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