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"have courage and be kind"

And how thrilling that moment will be, 
When the prince of my dreams comes to me! 

Come on, group hug!

Immortals | Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy - Immortals (from Disney’s Big Hero 6)


Didn’t like the poster they use on iTunes and I couldn’t find a replacement I liked so I made my own! Feel free to use.


Did you know that Disneyland’s it’s a small world contains a doll depicting the ride’s amazing visual designer, Mary Blair?


Imagineer and fellow it’s a small world designer Rolly Crump explains, “Mary got childlike when she designed, and much of that went directly into the ride. We did a Mary Blair figure for it’s a small world, and she’s still in there. Mary always wore wild outfits, with a poncho and she had short blonde hair. So we decided to include a Mary Blair doll for the ride, with a poncho. She’s standing midway up in the Eiffel Tower.”

For a while, Tokyo Disneyland even sold a small Mary Blair/it’s a small world doll. Try and find one now, though…not an easy task.

This Disney Parks fun fact comes courtesy of Kevin Yee’s Walt Disney World: Hidden History.

Character Designs from Peter Pan by Marc Davis


disney villains (1937-1967)


iconic classic characters (2/2)