alice in wonderland + costumes
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Jingles by Jackie Nell on Flickr.


Jingles by Jackie Nell on Flickr.

"And you were mine."

'Ratatouille' for Disney Fine Art Galleries
by Lorelay Bove

"Here’s an unusual expedition. Artists, musicians, and writers setting out for a trip through Latin America to find new personalities, music, and dances for their cartoon films. So adios Hollywood and saludos amigos!"
↳ Saludos Amigos (1943)



Casual reminder that Nani was on her way to becoming a Professional Surfer before her parents died and she had to drop everything to look after Lilo.

I apologize, I don’t mean to deter from the heart breaking and yet heart warming message,

Nani has a poster of Mulan on her wall.


Hook Test

Silver, in the movie Treasure Planet had cyborg parts.  So to test if they could convincingly attach cg elements to a 2d drawing, Glen Keane and Eric Daniels first tried it using animation drawings of Captain Hook. The results looked great.