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Character Designs from Peter Pan

Color Key from Ratatouille by Dominique Louis

Come little children, the times come to play


Did you know? That every year It’s a Small World over at Disneyland has a rubber ducky race? You heard me right, a rubber ducky race! The best part is that it’s actually for charity and all of the proceeds of this event go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation! So what happens during this event you say? Well there is a decorating contest to see who can make their ducky’s look the best and most unique, and then there is the race! Where they start all of the rubber ducky’s at the entry point of it;s a small world and then let them loose until they reach the end of the ride! There is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even last place trophy! If I am not mistaken I believe this is a cast member only event! So if you’re a cast member who has an affinity for rubber ducky’s I recommend you check this event out!

  Classic Disney Movies Week:  Day Two - Favorite Classic Male Character

Panchito - The Three Caballeros (1944)

Classic Disney Week | Day 2 - Favorite Classic Male Character

Thumper (Bambi)


classic disney week; day 2 - favorite classic male character

roger radcliffe - 101 dalmatians (1961)

Classics Countdown: 21/53 The Aristocats

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